Doris Hsieh

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Doris Hsieh is an internationally acclaimed professional ballroom dance competitor, performer and teacher. Throughout her decade long career, Doris has won multiple national championships, representing her country in various international championships from 2004 to 2012.

Along with her competitive success, Doris is an passionate and popular performer. She has choreographed and performed shows at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Hilai Arena and the Kaoshiung Grand Hotel in Taiwan.

Throughout her successful competitive career, Doris has been a versatile coach. Dancers across the world of all ages and skills have benefited from her keen eye for technical details, her vision for choreography and her intuition for artistry.

Doris currently competes, performs and teaches in New York City.
Throughout her illustrative competitive career, Doris has been an avid performer. She has performed shows at some of the most prestigious events in the world. In addition, she has successful organized and choreographed numerous student group performances.

Doris is available for performances and choreography.

Doris has over 10 years of professional coaching experience. Her passion and expertise for the sport inspires students of all ages and skill levels, both competitive and social. Her friendly and precise approach to instruction has rapidly improved the dancing of students whether they are preparing to dazzle friends and relatives with a wedding dance, looking for a fun night of social dancing or working towards competitive success.

Doris is available for private lessons and holds weekly group lectures on International Latin technique and performance. She currently teaches in New York City and Delaware.


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